PREPARE Group Meeting 19th June 2020, Skype

The PREPARE Group Meeting took place on the date of 19th of June via Skype due to the pandemic situation all around the world.

The Meeting between 12:00 am – 13:30 pm and was led by the Secretariat. The main topics discussed:

1.            National highlights and COVID 19 stress.

2.            PREPARE Annual Report 2019 – 2020.

3.            Project situation – what is new?

4.            Website updates.

5.            Next Prepare Meeting.

Participants: Sybille Braunegg, David Camocho, Cristina Rocha, Oihana Hernandez, Aida Szilagyi, Peter Glavic, Stig Hirsbak, Thomas Schonfelder, Vladimir , Pavel Rudzika, Vladimir Dobs, Fabbio Iannone.

For more information download and review the documents that are bellow.

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