Project SECuRe

Smart Education for Corporate Sustainability Reporting (SECuRe) is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to create a new vocational education course and a corresponding professional skill or competency profile, in line with ECVET, that will enable professional staff in a private and/or a public body and VET teachers, to become a certified SECuRe managers (or specialized trainer), able to either shape or establish a complete department focusing on sustainability strategy, reporting and related activities.

The project will focus on developing knowledge, competences and strengthen key skills contributing to SECuRe education and promote open, innovative practices in the digital age, efficient use of Information and Communication Technologies in education, improving their teaching capacity through a creativity training program.

Project objectives:

  • Develop partnerships amongst educators, businesses and stakeholders with the purpose of supporting VET learners in acquiring, developing skills and key competences in sustainability, CSR or financial data, SDGs reporting and foster employability.
  • Introduce open education and innovative digital practices, make education available for all and facilitate new learning methods, by development of a new e-learning platform developed to assist the integration of sustainability issues through company’s activities and manpower.
  • Facilitation of the recognition and validation of competences for the SECuRe manager job, covering the needs of companies, by the creation of an innovative VET course including gamification aspects.
  • Implement or testing during short term trainings and demo trainings the learning content and learning materials developed.

The project is implemented by five PREPARE members including ATMOTERM (co-ordinator), ENVIROS, National Sustainable Consumption and Production Centre Romania, PROSPEKTIKER and University of Maribor.

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