The PREPARE Network consists of people engaged in Sustainable Consumption and Production. We come from various institutions, like universities, innovation-oriented SMEs and administration.

Our main goal is the inform and engage each other about new research and innovation possibilities. We jointly apply to various international calls, like h2020, Interreg and Erasmus+.

The PREPARE network is also engaged in the organization of the European Roundtables on Sustainable Consumption and Production https://www.erscp.eu/.

The PEPARE-Network is substantially supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Section III 3 Energy und Environmental Technologies. This department is presently managed by Mr. Volker Schaffler.

The contact person is Mr. Hannes Bauer: hannes.bauer at BMK.at

We thank the Ministry for the ongoing support

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